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Due to the rapid changes in lead times, supply chain issues and cost of product, we ask that you reach out to us at 704-519-4661 or email us directly at orders@destacoclamps.com for the most accurate delivery times before placing your order. 

There may be a fee for order cancellations. Please call for availability

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Pneumatic Power Clamping Systems

Destaco has been providing clamping solutions for welding and assembly applications in the automotive and transportation industry for over 50 years. Today, we continue to use our expertise to provide manufacturers with robust clamping solutions developed specifically to fit their ever evolving applications.

Destaco is a trusted name in providing reliable clamping and gripping solutions for industrial applications. Our robust and versatile products ensure secure and efficient handling of workpieces. Explore our range of clamping and gripping solutions for enhanced productivity.

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robohand grippers

Grippers Rotaries & Slides

DESTACO’s Robohand products are designed to be used together in any combinations to offering automation solution to fit your needs. Destaco’s Robohand products are engineered for reliability and long life to ensure maximum production uptime. These products are designed and machined for precise repeatability with minimal maintenance.

Robohand specializes in reliable robotic gripping solutions that enhance automation and productivity. Our versatile grippers and end-of-arm tooling enable efficient handling of various objects. Unlock the potential of your robotic applications with Robohand.