Pneumatic Clamp
Maximum Holding Capacity: 100 lbsf
Manufacture No.: 812-U

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Features and Specifications: 812-U Light-Duty Pneumatic Hold-Down Clamp

Pneumatic version of model 201 manual clamp
Built in flow restrictors
Maximum Holding Capacity (N): 440
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbsf): 100
Clamp Arm Length (mm): 26.0
Clamp Arm Length (in): 1.020
Height Under Clamp Arm (mm): 17.3
Height Under Clamp Arm (in): 0.680
Cylinder Bore (mm): 19.1
Cylinder Bore (in): 0.75
Port Size: M5
Clamp Arm Style: U-bar
Spindle Included?: Yes
Application – Welding: Poor/Low
Application – Assembly: Excellent/High
Duty Cycle: Poor/Low
Operating Temperature: -23° to 74°C (-10° to 165° F)
Product Type: Pneumatic Toggle Clamp
Exerting Force (N): 613
Exerting Force (lbf): 136
Air Consumption (dm²): 0.09
Air Consumption (ft²): 0.003
Replacement Seal Kit: 810450-40-1-00
Weight: 0.21kg [0.46lb]
Bar Opens 90°
Additional Notes:

Smallest of the pneumatic hold down series clamps
Double-acting pneumatic system required to operate
Pneumatic version of 201-U manual toggle clamp
Optional Sensors:810156 or 810156. These use 810156-1 band clamp (included with sensors) to mount sensor to cylinder. Two (2) sensors required to detect both open and closed positions
Replacement Clamp Assembly: 812-U-LC
150 lb. capacity
Double-acting pneumatic system required to operate
Available with magnetic ring for position sensing as an option. Switches are also available
Can be equipped with Viton seals for high temperature applications

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in
Clamp Type

Automotive, Pneumatic

Holding Capacity

100 Lbsf

Arm Style

U Bar


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