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Rotary cylinders provide rotary motion instead of linear motion. Destaco offers rotary power cylinders that can rotate objects or components to specific angles, making them suitable for indexing, positioning, and assembly applications.

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Unlocking Precision with Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders

Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders epitomize precision and reliability in industrial automation. Unlike traditional linear motion cylinders, rotary cylinders provide rotary motion, enabling precise positioning and control of objects or components. With Destaco’s expertise in engineering and innovation, our rotary power cylinders are tailored to meet the demanding requirements of indexing, positioning, and assembly applications across various industries.


Rotary Motion: Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders are designed to provide smooth and accurate rotary motion, allowing for precise positioning of objects or components to specific angles.

Versatility: Our rotary cylinders are available in a range of sizes, configurations, and mounting options to accommodate diverse application requirements. Whether it’s indexing, positioning, or assembly, Destaco has the right rotary cylinder solution for your needs.

High Precision: Engineered with precision components and advanced manufacturing techniques, Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders deliver exceptional accuracy and repeatability, ensuring consistent performance in critical automation tasks.

Robust Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments, Destaco rotary cylinders feature rugged construction and durable materials, providing long-term reliability and durability.


Improved Efficiency: By enabling precise rotary motion control, Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders enhance efficiency in indexing, positioning, and assembly applications, reducing cycle times and increasing productivity.

Enhanced Accuracy: With their high precision and repeatability, Destaco rotary cylinders ensure accurate positioning of components, minimizing errors and rework in manufacturing processes.

Flexible Integration: Designed for seamless integration into automation systems, Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders offer flexible mounting options and compatibility with various control systems, making them easy to incorporate into existing workflows.

Cost Savings: By optimizing automation processes and reducing scrap and rework, Destaco rotary cylinders help lower production costs and improve overall profitability for our customers.


Indexing Systems: Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders are ideal for indexing applications where precise angular positioning is required, such as conveyor systems, rotary tables, and packaging machinery.

Positioning Equipment: In manufacturing and assembly operations, Destaco rotary cylinders provide accurate positioning of components, facilitating smooth assembly processes and ensuring product quality.

Automation Machinery: From automotive assembly lines to electronics manufacturing, Destaco rotary cylinders play a vital role in automating critical tasks, such as part orientation, alignment, and handling.

Robotics: In robotic applications, Destaco rotary cylinders enable robots to perform intricate tasks with precision, such as pick-and-place operations, part manipulation, and material handling.


Destaco Rotary Power Cylinders are the trusted choice for manufacturers seeking precision, reliability, and efficiency in rotary motion control. With their advanced design, superior performance, and versatile capabilities, Destaco rotary cylinders empower our customers to unlock new levels of productivity and innovation in their automation processes. Trust Destaco to be your partner in achieving precision and excellence in industrial automation.

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    202305 Grip with handle stop


    202305 Grip with handle stop

    Introducing the 202305 Grip with Handle Stop, a versatile and ergonomic solution designed to enhance control and safety in various gripping applications. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this grip features a robust construction that ensures reliable performance even in demanding environments. The handle stop mechanism provides added security by preventing overextension of the grip, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries during operation.

    The 202305 Grip is designed for versatility, with a range of compatible accessories and mounting options available.